The first time, you attend a job interview, the most common question asked is “Tell me about yourself”. Similarly, this page is all about me and what I’m about. My name is Clarissa Moodley, I prefer to be called Claire as I find it short and sweet. I would describe myself as a very goal oriented young woman who knows what she wants and never settles for less.

I was born and raised in South Africa and completed my primary and high school education in Durban, South Africa. I never really had an easy childhood as I was always independent and liked to do my own thing. Some may call me stubborn but I’m just me, a girl who wants the best for herself. I attended Embury Institute for Teacher Education and completed the first year of a Bachelor Degree. In my first year, I realized that I wanted more for myself, I wanted to make my dream of living in America come true. It was definitely one of the hardest decisions made, the choice to leave the only home and family I knew and leave to another country where everything is foreign.

At 18 years old, I got on a plane, said my goodbyes and moved to San Francisco, California. My first 8 months were the hardest, I was on a roller coaster of emotions, trying to find myself and teach myself how to be an adult was horrifying. There were times that all I wanted to do was run home but then I couldn’t go home empty-handed. I fought so long and hard to move here, so I made the choice to stay. I had so many obstacles but I am so excited that I have accomplished so much in the past 2 and half years that I’ve been here for.

I am a proud author of the poem “A Polar bear in Africa” which was published earlier this year. I will be posting a picture of the poem sometime this year. I will be graduating with my Associate’s degree at the end of the year and transfer to University and complete a Bachelors degree in Business Management. It has been something that I’ve always been so passionate about and I’m so excited my see my goals develop and come true.

Stay tuned for pictures and more posts about my college experience.